Appeal to Give: Good News

It’s amazing how quickly our day can change.

Part of our daily routine in our skilled nursing facilities involves filling in a daily screening form (with our temperature, any health-related symptoms, etc.). This allows me to have a moment or two of conversation with our receptionist. We usually exchange small talk and catch up if anything significant is going on with the residents. This was a very ordinary- and even dull- afternoon. There wasn’t much to talk about. Things were quiet and eventful. I offered up what I could- “Well, another day.” And that was met with a “Yup.” Ordinary conversation. Ordinary day. Perhaps boring, dull and walking through the daily grind. We all have days like that.

And then, about fifteen minutes later, my friend got a phone call at her desk. It was one of her relatives calling with some very good family news. She was elated. I could hear her response. (I had never heard her so joyful!) During the phone call and after, there were giggles, expressions of joy, amazement, wonder and happiness. This was GOOD news!

One of our regular family members who was visiting was checking in. She caught the good news that was going on and offered a congratulatory hug. The good news was spreading. It was heard, affirmed, shared, and celebrated.

I had to laugh to myself. How quickly things change. Fifteen minutes previous, it was a boring, ordinary day. Now, the whole world had changed, and everyone was hearing about it. The date hadn’t changed. We were both still at work. The sky was still permanently overcast. But good news changes our perspective.

Heritage Ministries is built upon the good news that Jesus Christ has to offer to each and every person. That is a part of our rootedness and our DNA. That new changes everything.

We are also privileged to share the dull days and the extraordinary days with our residents, families, and staff.  What an honor. What a joy. What an exciting adventure to be on, where good news changes everything.

When you pray, when you give, when you partner and serve alongside us at Heritage Ministries, you are sharing in that good-news-adventure with us. Thank you!

by Larry Petry, Senior Chaplain