Lynn Watrous, Heritage Hero

Like many Americans, Heritage resident Lynn Watrous was drafted into the United States Army in 1951 as the Korean War escalated. As a member of the 51st Signal Battalion, he and his fellow soldiers were in charge of keeping all vehicles and generators running, which included the I Corps, which served as the superior headquarters for MASH units in Korea.

From 1951-1952, Lynn was active with the Army throughout Korea, including an integral battle in Seoul, where he met a small Korean boy whose family perished in the war. Seoul had been the location of many violent battles during the war.

“You couldn’t have believed what Seoul looked like when we entered,” Mr. Watrous said. “Everything was gone- blown up, decimated, destroyed- we didn’t even know what to say. Even the pontoon bridges to get in were blown up and gone.”

Just as Heritage lives by the belief that Caring is Our Calling, Lynn Watrous and his fellow soldiers did the same in Seoul with their young Korean friend. “We knew we shouldn’t, according to our protocols,” he continued, “but my heart and my conscience just couldn’t leave that poor little boy there all alone, knowing that he might not survive.” Lynn and other soldiers rescued the boy from surrounding rubble where his late mother and family lay and cared for him until their time in Korea was over, when the young boy safely went to live in an orphanage for children.

Many years later, Lynn came to make Heritage his home, residing at The Homestead in Gerry as an independent living resident, saying “I like the independence of it because I am a very independent person but if I need help, I know it is available. I am a country type person so the location is perfect, the setting and atmosphere is just great. Everyone is friendly and trustworthy. ”

Heritage is proud to be the home of such a caring and compassionate United States Army Veteran.  Through the support of our donors, we look forward to continuing to help and honor our veterans by providing for them after they so willingly gave of themselves.

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