Protective Mask Sleeve Instructions

We have been flooded with community members wondering how they can help our seniors during this difficult time. One of our greatest needs is protective mask sleeves to help our staff keep residents safe from COVID-19. Heritage would be grateful for all donations of protective mask sleeves to help us stay ahead of nation-wide supply concerns. Below are directions on how you can create protective mask sleeves to donate to Heritage, Ives Hill, Vinecroft, or Rolling Fields.

1. Start with a 10”X14” piece of cotton blend fabric

2. Fold over ¼” on the 14” sides (twice) and iron

3. Sew each side

4. Fold in half, right side out and iron

5. Measure 2 ½” from the bottom fold

6. Fold back 1” to create a single pleat, pin the pleat

7. Flip over and repeat on back side

8. Open the fabric and sew each long side again

9. Fold right side out and sew the top edge

10. Turn inside out (iron to flatten) and sew the top edge again

11. Flip outside right again and insert mask

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