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It’s Time to Invest in Our Seniors:
Urge New York State to Include a 20% Medicaid Rate Increase in the 2023-24 State Budget
and to Rebase Skilled Nursing Rates to Current Costs to Provide Care

As we enter the most critical time of the New York State one-house budget process – the point where the Assembly, Senate and Governor negotiate to the final budget – it is more critical than ever that we make our voices heard. While we are grateful for the support of our representatives in calling for a 20% increase for Medicaid, the current budget only includes 10%. A 10% proposed increase is a step in the right direction from the Governor’s proposed 5%, however, we are still urging that a 20% Medicaid rate increase is what is needed to meaningfully support nursing home providers, staff, residents, and ensure access to care for the most vulnerable New Yorkers. We are also urging for the “rebasing” of nursing home Medicaid rates. Right now, our rates are based on 2007 costs. It is time that the State be held accountable to update nursing home Medicaid rates at least every 5 years, so that we never again find ourselves in a position with rates that are 15 years old.

Fortunately, the Assembly’s  one-house budget proposal included a statement of support for rebasing. However, we need to urge the Senate to join their Assembly colleagues in pushing for consistent rebasing of nursing home Medicaid rates. PLEASE SEND THIS DIGITAL ADVOCACY LETTER TO YOUR STATE SENATOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, requesting a 20% rate increase and a requirement that the State update nursing home Medicaid rates at least every 5 years. You can find your legislators’ contact information below.

As the Senate, Assembly and the Governor negotiate the final budget agreement, by April 1, it is critical that we consistently remind these decision makers of the importance of nursing home care for our older adults, our most vulnerable, and the entire health care continuum. Thank you for your advocacy at this critical time!

Heritage Ministries joins Leading Age New York, which represents more than 600 not-for-profit, mission-driven and public continuing care providers serving seniors, in urging the governor and legislature to take a number of necessary actions this year, including:

  • Provide a 20 percent increase Medicaid rates for nursing homes in the state fiscal year 2024 budget. The five percent increase proposed by the Governor is insufficient; a 20 percent increase is needed to maintain the viability of nursing homes, enable them to recruit and retain staff, and deliver high-quality care residents. Medicaid rates in New York are among the worst in the nation and have not been increased for inflation in 15 years, resulting in an average shortfall between costs and reimbursement of $74 per resident per day. At a time when more than 75 percent of nursing home care is paid by Medicaid, a 20 percent increase is essential in helping quality, mission-driven nursing homes continue to serve New York’s seniors.
  • Increase the state portion of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Rate for adult care facility (ACF) residents by at least $20 per day and build in an annual cost of living adjustment thereafter. SSI, together with the State Supplement Program (SSP), pays ACFs $44.94 per day, which is entirely inadequate for ACFs to provide residents with regulatorily required services including housing, meals, personal care, case management, and more. While approximately 12,000 ACF residents rely on SSI statewide, there has not been an increase to the SSP per day reimbursement amount since 2007.
  • Authorize specially-trained nurse aides (CNAs) to work as medication aides in nursing homes. The Governor’s budget would authorize specially-trained CNAs to administer routine medication to residents under the supervision of a registered nurse. This proposal would provide a career ladder for CNAs—serving as a no-cost strategy to address the staffing crisis—and enable nurses to focus on higher level tasks.
  • Expand the direct care roles that qualify for meeting minimum staffing requirements. Currently, only registered nurses and CNAs are included when calculating nursing home staffing ratios. Expanding the positions to include others involved in the daily care of residents, such as therapists, nurse practitioners, and directors of nursing, would more accurately represent the staff that provide care on a daily basis and help nursing homes avoid daily fines associated with not meeting staffing ratios. Like the proposal above, this regulatory adjustment would cost the state nothing but would make an immediate positive impact on nursing homes.

Click here for March 9, 2023 letter from Senator Borello requesting an increase to Medicaid reimbursement.

Congress is currently considering many issues that affect the lives of seniors and their service providers. We need your help to make sure Congress hears how their actions impact you. Please take a moment to contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Take action today…click here to learn more and contact your representative!

Please contact Sallie Williams, Vice President of Advancement at for more information or to share your concerns.



@GovKathyHochul MUST provide meaningful funding to NY Nursing Homes in this year’s budget! A 1% Medicaid increase after years of cuts is not enough. Nursing Homes need resources to be able to compete for staff and serve residents. All seniors deserve better. #SupportOurSeniors

@GovKathyHochul ALL seniors deserve better funding and support from the state. Nearly 75% of nursing home care is paid for by Medicaid; the rest is mostly Medicare. Better staffing in nursing homes requires better funding than a 1% increase to inadequate rates. #SupportOurSeniors

@GovKathyHochul No funding has been provided to enable nursing homes to meet new staffing mandates, which ignore the reality of the healthcare workforce crisis. We need funding and support for nursing homes, not penalties! We must do better.

@GovKathyHochul NY nursing homes need over 12,000 new nurses and aides to comply with the 3.5 nurse hour mandate. Homes cannot reach this shared goal of enhanced staffing without a substantial Medicaid increase to recruit them. Please #SupportOurSeniors in this budget!


@GovKathyHochul State funding is going to Broadway, bars and the Bills, but not for needed COVID relief funding to adult care facilities and assisted living. Don’t leave these residents and staff behind. Please #SupportOurSeniors!

@GovKathyHochul After 14 years without a Medicaid increase, New York’s assisted living programs need more than a 1% increase. Low-income older adults living in these settings deserve better. Please #SupportOurSeniors in the final budget!



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