Heritage Announces Appointment of New Chief Information Officer

Lisa Haglund, President and CEO of Heritage Ministries, announced that Mark Wilcox, Heritage Vice President of Information Systems, has been named Chief Information Officer of the organization.

She shared, “We look forward to the future, knowing that he will continue working to ensure Heritage is at the forefront of technology. Mark is a compassionate and knowledgeable leader who will work with our staff and partners to strengthen our mission of promoting Hope, Dignity, and Purposeful Living to all those entrusted to our care.”

Wilcox has been employed with Heritage since 2010, growing from an implementation consultant in 2010, to the Director of Information Technology in 2011, and eventually assumed the role of Vice President of Information Systems in 2016. In this new position as CIO, Wilcox will focus on business value through technology and strategic planning of business growth objectives. He will ensure tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with business goals, while overseeing the development of customer service platforms, developing and approving technology futures and budgets, managing information technology and development team personnel, and approving vendor negotiations and IT architecture. Wilcox will also work to establish information technology policies, strategies, and standards, and information risk management (IRM) for Heritage.

Wilcox shared he is honored to have been appointed as the CIO of Heritage, and will continue to improve several aspects of technology management for the organization. “I am looking forward to further improving how we use technology to provide support to our Heritage community. Through the broadened scope of this position, I plan to assist the business in becoming more empowered and efficient so that more time can be devoted to the care and comfort of the people we serve. I enjoy the strategic planning and business development opportunities of my new position. One area that I will be focusing on is operation workflow analysis. This involves reviewing the current and existing process flows in place at a location or department, and investigating how it can be made more efficient. Sometimes this involves the use of technology or new tools and other times it involves implementing updated best practices. I look forward to continuing to advance Heritage as we all work together to promote Hope, Dignity, and Purposeful Living to all those entrusted to our care.”

Mark is a 1991 graduate of Falconer Central School and a 2006 graduate of Houghton College with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. He has coached Little League and Babe Ruth baseball in Chautauqua County for ten years, is a Eucharistic minister at Our Lady of Loreto Church, and treasurer of the Holy Name Society in Falconer, NY. He currently resides in Jamestown, NY, with his wife Tammy, and their children Madison, Marky, and Miranda.

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