New CEO Leads in Caring for Frontline Workers at Heritage Communities

Lisa Haglund, Heritage Ministries President and CEO, shared details this week on her new initiative “Feeding the Hearts of Heroes.”

Haglund stated, “The work our employees do each day is heroic, but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have worked tirelessly. During this difficult, and often stressful time, they and their families have sacrificed so that our residents can continue to receive the same compassionate care Heritage has always been known for. We recognize that, and it is important to us that we both celebrate and care for our employees, and share the same love with them that they share with their residents daily. To our employees – we see you, we thank you, and we love you.”

She shared that Heritage will focus on taking care of all employees through a mind, body, and soul approach, with the campaign they have aptly named “Feeding the Hearts of Heroes,” which is a part of their #HeritageStrong movement.

“#HeritageStrong is all about the members of our entire Heritage family nationwide. We support and care for each other – Heritage is home, for all of us, and we keep that theme in everything we do. Family cares for family.”

She went on to state that Heritage employees in Chautauqua County, along with all Heritage employees nationwide, are now receiving a free weekly meal for them to take home and share with their families. “We know how hard it is to work a long shift, and then go home and prepare a meal. We wanted our employees to be able to enjoy family time by providing them with a prepared dinner so that they could spend more time with their loved ones and not have to worry about the stress, or preparation, of a meal.” Each week, employees choose from meal choices, and then pick up the family meal.

Heritage has also recently begun several new employee programs designed to both recognize and assist employees during difficult times, including a new increased hazard pay structure, meals and snacks provided at each community for staff, and weekly employee recognition drawings with prizes.

“Nothing we can do will ever thank our teams enough. We come together in love and appreciation for our heroes. We ask families in our communities to come alongside of us in thanking our teams, who are caring for the generation that raised us,” she concluded.

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