NYS Nursing Home Staffing Levels – Contact Your Representative!

Advocate with us to extend the NYS executive order suspending the enforcement of nursing home staffing levels beyond March 31, 2022.

As we continue the grueling fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, unreasonable regulatory guidelines for providers in the senior care industry (including Heritage) continue to be levied without appropriate funding. In New York State, the executive order suspending the enforcement of nursing home staffing levels is due to expire at the end of March. Based on recent information, we are concerned that the executive order may not be extended. If it is not extended, the requirement that nursing homes provide at least 3.5 hours of nursing staff per resident per day would go into effect on April 1st. In the midst of a healthcare staffing crisis, this staffing level mandate could force nursing homes throughout New York State to face large fines if not in compliance, discontinue admissions, close units, or even be forced to sell, or close their doors permanently.

Please consider coming alongside Heritage as we advocate for our staff and the seniors we serve by reaching out directly to your elected representative to encourage the extension of the staffing mandate and consideration of appropriate funding to support new staffing and recruitment initiatives, or signing and sending the letter below and sending directly to their office.

Make your voice heard TODAY. Please visit our Advocacy Page for information on how to contact your representative today and CLICK HERE to download a letter to send directly to your elected representative.