Heritage Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Izetta Ayling, a resident at The Park, a Heritage skilled nursing and rehabilitation community in Jamestown, New York, recently celebrated a very special milestone – her 100th birthday!

Jessica Burkhouse, Administrator at The Park, shared, “To be able to celebrate this milestone with Izetta as our family at The Park is not only a privilege, but a reminder for all of us to be grateful in the life that we have. We are delighted Izetta was able to share her story with us.”

Izetta was born in Henderson, Tennessee in 1922, one of five children, and moved to Western New York after her ninth grade year. She was a graduate of Chautauqua Central School, and attended college for business and typing and received a diploma in economics, and was married in 1942 to her husband, Leslie. She said that over the years she also worked as a nanny for the Chautauqua Church minister, which she enjoyed very much.

Izetta shared she has enjoyed sewing and good food, and that the secret to a long and happy life is to “find work that you like to do and always do the best you can” and to “stay healthy and always brush your teeth!”