Village Receives Nature Photo Makeover Thanks to Young Photographer and Chautauqua County Camera Club

The warmth of community spirit shines through at the Village retirement home, thanks to the efforts of 11-year-old Silas and the Chautauqua County Camera Club. Inspired by his weekly visits to his grandpa, Silas, a club member himself, spearheaded a project to update the facility’s outdated wall décor with vibrant nature photographs.

“Seeing the same pictures on the walls year after year made me feel like the place could use a refresh,” says Silas, whose enthusiasm sparked the club’s involvement. The new and beautiful nature photos are meant to bring joy and connect residents to the outdoors.

Pictured above, left to right are: Edie Wall, Stephen Graham, Terrie Johnson, Brian Anderson, Kevin Edwards, Sheri Edwards, Kerstin Wyman (VP Marketing and Business Development at Heritage), Dan Swackhammer, and Silas Porebski (who started this idea and whose grandfather is a resident at the Village)

The club readily embraced Silas’s vision, with members donating 18 breathtaking nature photographs showcasing the region’s beauty. To elevate the impact, Silas’s father generously helped sponsor the professional printing of all photographs, ensuring they will be shared throughout the Village halls.

“Silas’s initiative and the club’s generosity is truly heartwarming,” says Kerstin Wyman, VP of Marketing and Business Development. “It was a pleasure to spend time with Silas and the club members. The new photos provide not only visual refreshment but also a conversation starter, reminding residents of cherished memories and fostering a sense of connection to the outside world.”

The Chautauqua County Camera Club welcomes new members of all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for photography through workshops, outings, and community projects. Those interested in joining can contact [contact information].

This initiative exemplifies the power of intergenerational connections, and the positive impact young individuals can have on their communities. With Silas’s vision and the club’s support, the Village residents will now enjoy a more vibrant and welcoming environment, thanks to the beauty of nature captured through the lens of passion. Both organizations hope to work together on more projects soon.