Welcome Pastor Leecroft Clarke

Heritage Ministries is pleased to introduce Pastor Leecroft Clarke as the new Director of Pastoral Care. Having moved to the United States from Jamaica at the age of 18, Pastor Clarke brings his passion and talent to Heritage Ministries as an ordained bishop with the Church of God of Cleveland, TN, and the lead pastor of Healing Word Ministries Church of God in Jamestown, NY.

Pastor Clarke recently completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at Northeastern Seminary. His extensive community service includes serving as the Project Director of the Chautauqua County Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Coalition, chairing the Addiction Response Ministry of Chautauqua County, co-chairing the Racial Reconciliation Taskforce of Chautauqua County, serving as a past board member for the HOPE Chautauqua County Coalition, and as a past member of the ESPRI Taskforce. He is also an original member of The Better Place Board of Directors in Jamestown and has mentored leaders in numerous community organizations.

Heritage Ministries views Pastor Clarke’s experience in pastoral care as an essential part of its operation and vital to the well-being of all personnel associated with its organization. Therefore, the Pastoral Care Ministry at Heritage Ministries is designed to meet all staff, residents, and their family member’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs. The function of this ministry includes providing spiritual guidance, support, counseling, and pastoral care of the sick and vulnerable, preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, pastoral leadership, and worship and music.

Pastor Clarke is recognized as a gifted and anointed man of God who lovingly and passionately encourages people to reach their full potential in Christ through his teaching and ministry. His journey in ministry has afforded him the opportunity to work with and minister to a diverse range of individuals within our county and internationally.

Heritage Ministries is thrilled to welcome Pastor Clarke and looks forward to the positive impact his leadership will have on our community. Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter!

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