Share What You’re Grateful For!

This holiday season during our Bring the Joy campaign, we’re looking to hear from you! Using the form below, share what you’re grateful for at your Heritage community. We’re collecting positive stories during the month of November that we’ll compile and share both online and with our residents. We can’t wait to hear from you as we celebrate all there is to be thankful for this November!


  • Share what you're grateful for at Heritage - whether it's something special about your community, a staff member that stands out, or a friend who's always there for you.
  • Accepted file types: mpg, mp2, mpeg, mpe, mp4, mp3, m4p, wmv, mov, jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, png, pdf.
    Upload your video file here. If you have trouble uploading your video, please email us at Server space may limit upload size. Uploading video(s) here grants Heritage permission to use your video(s) across our communities and platforms to help Bring the Joy!