Heritage Continues to Support Senior Care in Chautauqua County   

Heritage Ministries, a leading provider of senior care services, is committed to supporting Lutheran Social Services (LSS) as they announce their closure of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in Chautauqua County. Lisa Haglund, CEO of Heritage stated the following “Our hearts are with Lutheran, its staff and residents. Lutheran is faced with the same challenges we all face in NYS. Insufficient reimbursement, and excessive regulatory reform without support”. She went on to state “Heritage is standing by LSS and our hospital system to ensure continuity of care for residents and provide comprehensive support to employees and families. We are dedicated to minimizing disruptions and maintaining the highest quality of care that the community has come to expect.”

Our organization remains steadfast in its mission to serve seniors and the countless individuals and families who rely on us. Our staff will continue to uphold high-quality, compassionate care that all seniors in Chautauqua County deserve.

The organization also extends a warm welcome to individuals who have dedicated their careers to caring for seniors and encourages them to join our team to continue their mission of providing exceptional care in a skilled nursing environment.

As the primary provider of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in Chautauqua County, we welcome seniors and those who serve them in every stage of life. We continue to provide comprehensive solutions and access to quality care, advocacy for seniors to ensure their voices are heard, and commitment to our mission of promoting Hope, Dignity, and Purposeful Living to those whom we serve. Serving over 1200 seniors and remaining one of the largest employers in our county, Heritage asked for continued support during these trying times.