Our Seniors Need Your Help: From Lisa Haglund

Heritage, a non-profit mission-based organization serving seniors and providing care in medically underserved communities across Chautauqua, Erie, Jefferson, and Crawford counties, is facing a critical challenge.

The Community You Live in Needs Stronger Healthcare Support

As our nation’s senior population grows, so does the need for robust healthcare systems in the communities where you live, work, and raise your families. However, funding for senior care continues to fall short, leaving many communities, like ours, vulnerable.

Heritage: A Vital Pillar, Facing Difficulties

Heritage, as a mission-based organization, has remained a dedicated pillar for local hospitals and seniors, even though funding limitations in NY and PA have forced us to operate in the red. However, serving at an operating loss is not sustainable long term and puts our ability to deliver exceptional care at risk.

Challenges We Face:

  • Limited State Funding: Current state funding for senior care is inadequate, hindering our ability to provide the best possible service.
  • Increased State Regulations and Costs: New regulations and fines, coupled with staffing shortages and pandemic recovery, create a significant financial burden.
  • Impact on Quality: We are so thankful for our staff’s continued ability to care for our residents, but as these challenges continue, it threatens our ability to offer competitive wages, maintain staffing levels, and make necessary improvements to our communities, all of which impact quality of care.
  • Our Commitment to Quality: Despite these hurdles, Heritage maintains a remarkable four out of five-star quality care rating, a testament to our team’s dedication. We will work to diversify our services, enact community support, and leverage your expertise as we navigate these times.

Moving Forward: Building a Stronger Future Together

To ensure Heritage not only survives but thrives, we need your support. We are increasing advocacy efforts in Albany, Buffalo, and Chautauqua County in support of our seniors. Our leaders are working with our local Rotary Club on partnership opportunities, and we have launched a new pastoral care program to revitalize our Christ-centered ministry.

Will you help us be part of the solution?

  • Advocate: Join our fight for increased state funding for senior care. Your voice matters!
  • Donate: Give today on our giving webpage and consider making a recurring monthly gift.
  • Share Our Story: Follow our Facebook page and share our posts to help spread awareness and community support.
  • We cannot do this alone. Together, we can ensure our seniors have the care they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: questions@heritage1886.org. I am grateful for your partnership and support, and believe that In this new season of hope, rebirth, and growth, with God’s help, we will emerge stronger than ever.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support,

Lisa Haglund
President and CEO, Heritage Ministries

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